There is no need to write code.

Comparison site functionality can be added to existing WordPress sites.

We support a variety of affiliate products.

Many add-ons are available to make it more convenient. *Will be added sequentially.

Available for unlimited client work with license application

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Easily build comparison sites

You can easily build a comparison site by simply installing a WordPress plugin.

Support for a variety of affiliate products

It can be used for a wide range of commercial products, from financial products such as credit cards, card loans, and Internet access to beauty salons.

Customize with no code

Block design, text, and colors can be customized without code.

Expand functionality with add-ons

HSB is a basic free plugin. Support us by purchasing extensions.

Example of HikakuSiteBuilder usage

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Getting Ready…

Getting Ready…


We have prepared a number of add-ons that make HikakuSiteBuilder more convenient.

Getting ready…

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